Quality Management

The goods and services market has evolved and changed considerably over the past 50 years. In many industries, competition has increased, the marketplace has become more transparent than ever and organizations had to adapt to continuously rising customer expectations concerning product quality. The customer has become central to the success or failure of an organization in the “buyer’s market” of today.

Therefore, consistent customer orientation became a key success factor and compell organizations to adjust their performance based on the needs and expectations of their customers. Today, high service quality can represent a crucial competitive advantage and positively differentiate an organization from its competitors. Because of that a systematic and continuous quality improvement within all ranges of the enterprise is for many high-level personnel one of the principal purposes.

In order to achieve this goal, it is important to put a holistic quality management system in place which brings customer and employee satisfaction to the forefront of every action. Only with content and loyal employees, customer satisfaction, long-term customer relationships and loyalty can be achieved. This obviously has a positive impact on the realization of revenues and profits. Therefore, employees are the crucial success factor within the organization in order to establish competitive advantage in the long-term.

Walter Junger & Friends, Ltd. has created a quality management system, the Nine Modules, to help organizations place employees and the ‘human factor’ at the centre.



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